• "Thank you for making the last few days of the cruise, if it's not too macabre to say so, enjoyable!  Your presentations were illuminating and, although, I had read about some of the murders and victims previously, the way you ended each presentation with a "dynamite" question for the audience/jury, was inspiring."

    Beth Bowling Passenger, Ventura, January 2020
  • "We attended all but one of the presentations you did aboard the Ventura on its cruise around the Canaries this last fortnight.  They were utterly fascinating and absorbing and a real highlight of the on-board entertainment. Apart from the very thought-provoking content, I thought your presentation of the cases was faultless. In particular, learning more about the famous Hanratty case was just excellent."

    Tim Kearsley Passenger, Ventura, November 2019
  • 'Your style of presentation was clear, easy to follow and good-humoured and so very interesting, I could not stop telling everyone I met that they had to attend each presentation as it could not be missed.......................... well done, and thank you.'

    Sheila Byrne Passenger, Ventura, June 2019
  • I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed [your presentations] and for the clear and entertaining way in which you approached the subjects. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

    Bryan Mercer Passenger, Azura, June 2019
  • "Your talk was one of the best we have had and everyone has asked ....... when are you coming back?"

    Bob Wetten Thatcham U3A, February 2019
  • "I would just like to say how interesting and thought provoking your talks were. Your passion is inspirational and your presentation is perfect."

    Philippa Turner Passenger, Azura, March 2018
  • "I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the lectures, as I'm sure many of my co-passengers did judging by the many conversations I had with them .......................... I can't wait to read your new book when it comes out."

    Peter Johnson Passenger, Azura, March 2018
  • "Thank you so very much for your very interesting and informative talks last week on Oriana. My husband and I really enjoyed them, especially the extra talk on the A6 murder. We were both in Germany at the time with the forces, no TV and only Sunday papers. So to have this famous case put before us was very interesting. Looking forward to your book being published next year."

    Patricia Read Passenger, Oriana, October 2017
  • "My wife and I were lucky enough to hear your series of presentations on historical murders on the P&O Ventura cruise to Madeira and the Canaries in December last year. We both found them very interesting, informative and entertaining. A very belated thank you for your excellent delivery on such difficult subject matter."
    Ian Wood Passenger, Ventura, June 2017
  • "Much enjoyed your most professional and thought-provoking talks on board Ventura"

    Brian Palmer Passenger, Ventura, January 2017
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Stickler's series of lectures aboard Cunard's 'Queen Elizabeth' in February 2017. Paul was articulate, professional, engaging and entertaining. His lectures were well researched and presented with great insight and thought. I highly recommend Paul as a lecturer and look forward to seeing him again in the future."
    Graeme Jupp, Wellington, New Zealand
    Graeme Jupp
  • "We really enjoyed your presentations on Ventura. It was nice to see the theatre full, which shows what a good speaker you are. It was brilliant."

    Mick and Ros White Passengers, Ventura, December 2016
  • "I just felt I would like to thank you for 6 most interesting talks on the Ventura over the last couple of weeks. It was, to me, the best of the Ventura's programmes."

    Pauline Ivey Pasenger, Ventura, December 2016
  • Loved your talks on Ventura.  Thank you.

    James Archibald Passenger, Ventura, July 2016
  • "We very much enjoyed your presentations.  We sailed as a family of 5 incl. 3 teenagers. Every ' sea' night over dinner we had a lively discussion on the back of your presentation. Thank you, it really made our holiday."

    Annette Lee Passenger, Ventura, July 2016
  • "Thought your presentations were absolutely fantastic".

    Adam Shaw BBC journalist and broadcaster, April 2016
  • "Excellent presentations on Arcadia. Thoroughly enjoyed them. More please."

    Lorraine Korten Dicksee Passenger, Arcadia, April 2016
  • "Your talk was fascinating and so many people were saying just how good it was. I do hope that you enjoyed giving it as much as the audience were interested in hearing the fruits of your research."

    Mike Philpott Vice Chair, Lasham Gliding Club, January 2016
  • "We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your presentations on Oriana. They were all very interesting and enjoyable. Hopefully we will have the good fortune to be cruising again when you are on board giving your talks."

    Sylvia and Mel Prosser Passengers, Oriana, November 2015
  • "I have recently returned from a P&O Britannia cruise. Paul's presentations on the mystery murders were brilliant and presented in a most entertaining way. This was certainly the icing on the cake for our on-board activities."

    Marilyn O'Dwyer Passenger, Britannia, October 2015
  • "We loved all your talks - they were a big factor in making the cruise enjoyable - especially like your angle on the Krays re mental illness. Also was fascinated in your analysis of the subtext of social history - everyday domestic life in the 50s and 60s etc - comforting homely images running alongside but almost unaware of the parallel happenings in the world of crime."

    Joe Ganner Passenger, Ventura, March 2015
  • "I just wanted to thank you again for a most enjoyable series of talks on board Ventura .......... we found the talks fascinating especially the murder of Lord Erroll."

    Andy Fitch Passenger, Ventura, March, 2015
  • "Thank you for the series of lectures you delivered during Ventura's transatlantic crossing; they were much appreciated by my wife and I and many other passengers we met."

    Bruce Tucker Passenger, Ventura, March 2015
  • "....... we found your talks extremely interesting; both of us were completely spellbound."

    Pat and Dave Blair Passengers, Ventura, March 2015
  • "February's Clubnight talk was a cracker. Paul Stickler has quite an arsenal of historical murder mystery talks so I expect we will be calling on him again in the future. February 2015."

    Barry Lockyer Chairman, Test Valley Motor Enthusiasts, February 2015
  • "Paul presented a really varied series of talks on the cruise.  The passengers enjoyed them and was usually to a full house."

    Entertainment Manager, Oceana, P and O Cruises, February 2015
  • "I want to thank you personally for a most interesting and professional presentation at The Discovery Centre in aid of Age UK. The complements on the evening have been flooding in today. I do hope we will be working together again in the not too distant future."

    Philip Voce Chairman, Age UK, Winchester, November 2014