Book 1: At Mrs Ridgley’s Corner: The Case the Whitechapel Sherlock Holmes Couldn’t Crack

Due for publication in April 2018 by Pen and Sword Books Ltd, this is the remarkable case of the murder of a woman in her Hertfordshire shop in 1919. After a woeful investigation by the local police, Scotland Yard sends in Fred Wensley, widely regarded as Britain’s cleverest detective.  Set amidst the post-war period of austerity and political uncertainty, the book lays bare the vagaries of rural policing.

Book 2: The First World War and Murder

The bulk of my research done and first chapter completed. My aim is to get this one finished by Christmas this year. June 2017

Just started researching this fascinating case involving the rape and murder of a 16 year old girl in 1918.  The man considered responsible for her death always maintained his innocence and his story is all the more intriguing given his exposure to the traumas of trench warfare.  Spent the day at Kew going through the files. January 2017.