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Started script-writing for my podcast about the murder of Elizabeth Ridgley in 1919 – work in progress! July 2017

Thanks to all those who have submitted ideas to me about future presentations. Some really good stuff coming through. July 2017

Still, one of my more memorable moments – having dinner with Jill Dando at the BBC (1997). A very sad loss.


Great to meet Kevin Ashman from the BBC show Eggheads recently.  What a great guy to talk to. April 2017

Egghead in the audience - Kevin Ashman

Great to see two of my favourite authors at work today at the National Archives at Kew; Kate Summerscale talking about her new book Wicked Boy and Ben Macintyre wandering the corridors ahead of the launch of his new book SAS Rogue Heroes.  Glad I was there ‘working’ as well trying to get my first book published!! 20 September 2016

Decision time coming up – I’m thinking about preparing a new presentation – ‘The Jackshire Ripper’  – a comparison of the investigations into Jack the Ripper and the Yorkshire Ripper (Peter Sutcliffe).  Quite a bit of work that and would delay my preparatory work for my PhD in history and criminology.  Something has to give – or perhaps I should do both! 15 September 2016

If you have a historical murder (pre 1950) that you feel warrants further examination, please let me know. Any dark family secrets that need the lid lifting off? Point me in the right direction and I’ll see what I can find out. 19 August 2016

We raised another £2000 for Age UK last night at Chilbolton.  Good turn-out with many ‘experts’ in the audience. 19 August 2016

Successful week at the British Library carrying out research for the book.  If you’ve not been, it’s worth a visit (take a back-room tour) just to see the sheer magnitude of the place.  Very helpful staff. 17 August 2016

Did you know, that today is the 52nd anniversary of the hanging of the last two people in Britain for murder. Shortly after Gwynne Evans and Peter Allen fell through the hangman’s trap-door, having been convicted of murdering John West, capital punishment in Britain was suspended and eventually abolished in 1969. 13 August 2016.

The British Library in London is my next stop.  Got the task of reading the Times newspaper for the whole of 1919.  Strange I know, but seriously looking forward to it. 27 July 2016

Just preparing to go on the Ventura tomorrow where I will be giving 6 lectures.  Plenty of downtime to write my book as well.  7 July 2016

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